About the company

Wiedemanni Translation Company is your strategic translation partner providing you with precise and trustworthy translation services and offering deadlines that best suit your needs. Unambiguous and clear texts that are expertly translated into the translator’s native language help you stay stress-free and provide the same opportunity for your partners or end-users.

Our translators are proficient in using more than 140 language pairs, covering various fields, and dealing with one-time translations as well as projects that last for years.

We are fast, sensitive to your needs, professional, and flexible

Most of the projects we handle on a daily basis are related to technical translations, legal translations and EU translations. We also translate many economic texts and texts related to social issues (politics, civil society, economy, marketing, advertising, public relations, etc.) and handle a fair share of medical translations. Our most popular services also include notarised translation and sworn translators’ services.

We use a wide variety of languages, translating texts from and into at least 40 languages each year. Our most frequently used languages currently include Estonian, English, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish and Finnish.

Welcome to our family of customers! We promise to provide you and your clients with quality services and generally make your life easier.