EN 17100:2015 Certification

Wiedemanni Translation Company is the first translation company in Estonia to have received a certificate in recognition of its conformity to the EN 17100:2015 European Quality Standard for Translation Services (certificate of conformity No S-2/137).

According to the standard, quality is not assured through translation alone, which only makes up a part of the process, but through the revision of the translation by someone other than the translator. The standard also specifies the professional competence of each of the participants in the translation process, particularly translators, reviewers and revisers.

Translators who take part in translation projects under EN 17100:2015 must demonstrate the professional competences specified in the standard by meeting at least one of the three requirements below:

  • A formal higher education in translation (recognised degree).
  • Equivalent qualification in another specialisation plus a minimum of two years documented experience in translation.
  • At least five years of documented professional experience in translation.

The certificate of quality confirms that Wiedemanni Translation Company has the sufficient technical and human resources for providing translation services, has established a procedure for quality and project management, and monitors the quality of its services on a daily basis.

We hope to provide you with our high-quality translation services.