History and philosophy

The Wiedemanni Translation Company is an Estonian company established in December 1999 with the aim of supplying the translation market with quality translations carried out with dedication. This was to set us apart from the “typical” Estonian translation companies of the time, whose products often failed to meet customers’ expectations and as a result of which the reputation of translation companies in general was low at the time.

We noticed that despite the important role played by a thorough knowledge of one’s native language, and the skill in using the language as a one of a translator’s most important “tools”, many Estonian translation companies employed people whose native language skills were moderate and who frequently did not have a sufficient understanding of the subject matter of the translated material. In addition, such companies tended to view hiring language editors as a superfluous expense.

Since the Wiedemanni Translation Company has had access to many talented translators, language editors and quite a few tenacious workers, we have made a courageous move into the niche of quality translations. We made it clear from the very beginning that our focus would be on the translators’ talent and specialist knowledge as well as the editing of translated texts. We chose “Superb Translations” as our motto.

We have been fortunate and during the 16 years we have been in this exciting and challenging line of work, Wiedemanni has become one of Estonia’s leading translation companies. We also enjoy a high reputation abroad, since nearly 80 per cent of our translations are ordered by foreign customers.

After a decade, we have provided translations to more than 6000 customers from both public and private sectors, most of whom have been leading organisations in their field. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of our former, current and future customers. We look forward to the pleasure of doing business with you!