Services and areas of expertise

The Wiedemanni Translation Company’s main area of activity is translation. You have the opportunity to use the decades’ worth of professional experience our translators possess as well as our company’s years of experience in international project management.

Each year, we translate texts from and into at least 40 languages. We work with more than 140 language combinations, every year we translate texts from a language as “small” as Estonian into Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese and other languages that could be considered exotic in our part of the world.

If nobody else can help you, we probably can.

Our customers are leading organisations in their field located both in Estonia and abroad. They like the fact that our translations are precise, trustworthy and done by people who enjoy their job.

In the case of many projects, we translate texts simultaneously into Estonian as well as Latvian and Lithuanian, which makes us the leading provider of translations in the languages of the Baltic countries in Estonia. Texts requiring translations into several languages at once are usually technical or marketing-related. (The three official languages of the Baltic countries are Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian.) Wiedemanni Translation Company’s translations meet the requirements established in the EN 17100:2015 European Quality Standard for Translation Services.

Our services

  • Translation
  • Copy editing
  • Notarised translation
  • Sworn translation
  • Layout and design services for translated texts
  • Translation of websites

Our areas of expertise

  • Technical texts
  • Legal texts
  • EU texts
  • Marketing, advertising and PR texts
  • Economic texts
  • Texts related to social issues
  • Medical texts
  • IT texts