Language editing


Inaccurate or sloppily prepared texts clutter up the world and create confusion. It is especially sad if such texts are published in a beautifully designed format, printed on coated paper, or allowed to tower over the city as giant advertisements (being top notch in all aspects other than language!).

A language editor will correct any language or wording mistakes in your texts and ensure that the language use is correct and has been harmonised. The editor will also check the texts’ completeness and stylistic clarity.

Wiedemanni Translation Company’s translation rates always include professional translation, copy editing and proofreading services. Wiedemanni has an expert at hand for every stage of the translation process.

We also offer language editing as a separate service. You are welcome to send us texts that have been translated or prepared elsewhere and need correcting or polishing. Naturally, we also provide copy editing services for texts you have prepared yourself and would like to have checked for language and style.

We have helped many of our customers edit important texts and publications: books, brochures, booklets, customer newsletters, websites, marketing texts, presentation materials, and research papers on various subjects ranging from the timber industry to women’s fertility.

We provide copy editing services for texts of any length in Estonian as well as foreign languages. Our editors always work in their native language.

In addition, we can help you harmonise the vocabulary used in your field of activity and collaborate with you in creating a database of terms that can be adopted for use inside your organisation.

We follow the EN 15038:2006 European Quality Standard for Translation Services and are one of the few translation company in Estonia to have achieved EN 15038:2006 certification.


Anyone who has come into contact with the production of marketing texts knows that creating the layout for a text can cause mistakes to slip in. The designer is usually not an expert on languages (and vice versa).

Every language has its own rules. In Estonian, words are syllabized differently from English, while Latvian and Lithuanian use strange letters that the designer might not even be able to find among his fonts and will substitute with ordinary letters “by accident”.
The letter “õ” is unique to the Estonian alphabet and is used frequently. The words “kõrv” and “korv”, however, have completely different meanings.
A proofreader checks many aspects of your text in order to ensure that it looks impeccable and trustworthy in print or on screen (potentially in front of millions of pairs of eyes).

This is why you should reserve some time and resources for proofreading before having your text printed. Our proofreading service is provided quickly and efficiently. We know that you time is limited in most cases.

We await the opportunity to provide you with our copy editing service. Call us at +372 6 130 660 or send an e-mail to