Layout and design

Our design service will ensure that your translation corresponds exactly to the format of the original text. We will scan your illustrations and drawings, translate them, and place them in their appropriate spots in the text. Send your texts in regardless of their format or the software they were composed with – we will get the job done.

Our designers work with both PCs and Macs. We use most of the more widespread types of design software (primarily InDesign).

The output file is either a .pdf file or a design file.

Translations or publications designed by Wiedemanni Translation Company can be copied with your own photocopier or taken directly to a printing office.

If you wish, we will visit the printing office for you. We have done several “turn-key projects” that have involved work ranging from translation all the way to preparing for print. Such projects have included textbooks and collections of essays. Customers tend to find this a convenient solution, since it eliminates the need for milling around between different companies and also allows them to save money.

The prices we charge for our services are very competitive and we work with printers who offer their services at the best price to quality ratio.

Attention! The texts for which we provide layout and design services must be properly copyedited beforehand. We only correct typographical errors during the proofreading phase that takes place after the layout of the text has been established. Proofreaders do not correct the syntax or contents of the text. For more information, follow this link.

If you doubt whether your text is correct, let us examine it with the eyes of a professional beforehand.

Contact us by phone at +372 6 130 660 or send an e-mail to to inform us of your wishes.