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We translate more than 15,000,000 words of written text annually. This makes us the second largest translation company in Estonia and demonstrates that our customers trust us. We would like thank our valued customers for their confidence. We truly appreciate it!

The Wiedemanni Translation Company is the first and, thus far, one of only a few Estonian translation companies to have received a certificate recognising its conformity with the EN 15038: 2006 European Quality Standard for Translation Services. The European standard establishes and defines the requirements for the provision of quality services by translation service providers. What does this mean? For further details, see here.

Translation services provided by the Wiedemanni Translation Company are always professional and include language editing as well as proofreading by a project manager (in special circumstances, translations are also examined by editors who specialise in a various fields). If necessary, the translation will be designed to correspond to the format of the original text, including the images, diagrams, etc.

We expect a precise description of the translation assignment to be provided with every text. Our goal is to offer you a service that meets your needs, instead of collecting merely expecting payment for producing translations that prove to be useless to the end user.

Although we receive and send out most of our translations electronically, we can use other means of exchanging information according to your preference. We can handle all file formats.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all translations.

We strive to be flexible and always provide you with the translation speed you need. We ask that you take into account, however, the fact that translating is not simply typing in a foreign language. If a text is translated very quickly, its quality may suffer.

Our motto is “Superb Translations”.

Technical texts

The translation of technical texts makes up the largest share of the Wiedemanni Translation Company’s daily work. Our customers include large foreign corporations as well as various types of manufacturers, wholesalers, state-controlled enterprises, etc.

We have regular customers in ten European countries as well as the USA. We have a lot of experience in the field of international collaboration, since translations for foreign customers currently account for approximately 70 per cent of Wiedemanni’s projects. The increasing share of foreign customers in our customer base indicates that our translations meet their strict requirements.

Our areas of expertise include home appliances, industrial and automatic equipment, construction, agricultural equipment, medical equipment, electronics, energy, heat supply, water supply and sewerage, safety, railroad engineering, environmental protection, heating systems, optical devices, cars, chemistry, electricity, etc.

Wiedemanni Translation Company is Estonia’s leading translator into the languages of the Baltic countries. You can save time and money by ordering your translations into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian from one place – the Wiedemanni Translation Company. We have translated technical documents simultaneously into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian already since 2003.

We use translation software such as Trados, Transit, MemoQ, and Wordfast for translating technical texts.

We are used to working quickly and completing projects by the agreed deadline. Next to maintaining translation quality, adhering to deadlines is our primary goal.

Technical translations done by the Wiedemanni Translation Company are precise and trustworthy and conform to the requirements of the European Quality Standard for Translation Services.

Every consumer has the right to read a device’s operating instructions in their native language (e.g. Estonian). It is evident, however, that not all producers/retailers take this right seriously. This occasionally leads to situations where consumers hold in their hands texts devoid of meaning instead of practical instructions and have to use the original set of instructions to install the device they have purchased.

Our technical translators are engineers who are talented language users or language specialists who have a perfect understanding of technology. This means that we do not have a problem with understanding complicated technical texts or formulating our thoughts.

Often, customers also use our layout service (scanning images, etc.) which allows them to receive the translation in a form that complies with the original format of the text. You can do the same!

Legal texts

Wiedemanni Translation Company has proven itself to be a capable and trustworthy legal translation service provider. Our loyal customers include many of Estonia’s top law offices and several important criminal justice and law enforcement agencies in Estonia and the EU.

We translate texts belonging to different branches of the law, including civil law, administrative law, criminal law, procedural law, European Union law, etc., in both private and public law.

We are thoroughly familiar with most types of documents (contracts, letters of delegation, applications, certificates, judicial decisions, etc.).

Legal translation is a complicated field, since the faithful transfer of information requires the translator to understand all legal nuances contained in the text. One term in the source language term might have several equivalents in the target language, the text might require the use of conventional phrases, or the customer might need the translation “by yesterday” and so on.

At Wiedemanni, legal texts are translated by professional translators with education/experience in law or by sworn translators specialised in the field in question. Our translations are faithful to the original documents.

We will strive to meet even the tightest of deadlines. We know, after all, that the pace can be hectic, not least in law offices.

If you suspect that the legal translation you ordered from another company is incorrect, we are ready to check it for you. We will find any mistakes and omissions, and will correct the inaccuracies. Our services will help you better protect your clients’ interests.

EU texts

The translation of European Union (EU) texts constitutes a large and important share of our activities.

We became engaged in our first large (and to date also the longest) EU translation project in 2003, when we were involved in translating the current acquis communautaire, including EU directives, regulations, decisions, etc., from English into Estonian under government contract and as part of the Phare project.

After Estonia’s accession into the EU, our involvement in the field of EU translations has increased. The translation of EU legislative acts and draft legislation from several languages has become part of our daily routine.

As of 2014, Wiedemanni has four direct contracts with EU authorities.

We have also completed large translation assignments related to EU projects (Phare, Twinning Light, Interreg III, etc.) for Estonian ministries and government agencies. The topics of the translated texts have varied from police training to lifelong learning.

The interpreters and translators working for EU authorities have to meet rigorous professional competence requirements. After all, EU legislative acts are implemented directly by Estonia. EU draft legislation often includes documents of a highly technical nature, which require the translators to be very competent in the fields of physics, chemistry or engineering in order for them to be able to successfully handle such narrow specialities.

At Wiedemanni Translation Company, EU translations are handled by our dedicated EU translators: professionals who have a perfect command of Estonian, are proficient in at least one foreign language, and possess a wide range of experience and specialist knowledge.

Translation software, such as Trados, Wordfast and Nemo, is generally used in the case of EU translations.

Marketing, advertising and public relations texts

Marketing, advertising and public relations are fields where customers usually have high demands and expectations regarding translations. At the same time, the deadlines for translating such texts tend to be short and budgets tend to be tight. There might be quite a lot at stake, however, including the reputation and success of a product or service – or even a country – in the marketplace or in the world.

Translating marketing texts requires that the translator be familiar with the speciality in question, since such texts are often technical in nature. Due to the fact that these texts essentially have to sell a product, a service or an idea, the translator and editor should not feel constricted by a bad source text. Instead, they must be able to convey the sense of the text in a way that works in the context of a given language as well as for the intended audience.

In the case of texts that have to be translated from Estonian into a foreign language, it is important that the translators work in their native languages. This is also one of the foundations of Wiedemanni Translation Company’s quality management system. Over time, we have helped a lot of companies, organisations and local governments translate publications and websites as well as other types of texts into many foreign languages (often three to five foreign languages at once).

The Wiedemanni Translation Company is experienced at translating texts into several languages simultaneously and has partners all over the world. So far, our biggest challenge has been translating a technology-related marketing text into 25 languages at the same time! We are Estonia’s leading translator into the languages of the Baltic countries.

We have much experience in translating marketing texts related to construction, cars, transport and tourism services, the development of civil society, the food industry, cooking, the clothing industry, computers, etc. You can have a look at some of our translations here.

We can meet the tightest of deadlines – during our ten years in business, customers have given us many opportunities to test our limits.
Wiedemanni Translation Company’s translations meet the requirements established in the EN 15038:2006 European Quality Standard for Translation Services (we have been issued the certificate of conformity No S-2/137).
We look forward to your phone call or e-mail and hope that we will be able to provide you with first hand proof of our skill in the field of translating marketing texts.

Economic texts

The field of economic translation includes the translation of texts relating to investment, management, insurance, real estate, banking, accounting and budgeting, advertising and marketing, production, industry, public administration, etc. Wiedemanni Translation Company has successfully completed a number of projects, both large and small, in all of the fields mentioned above, through collaboration with its customers.

We encourage you to trust our competence and experience in translating economic texts and order your economic translations from Wiedemanni Translation Company.

We have regular customers in ten European countries as well as the USA. We have much experience in the field of international collaboration, since translations for foreign customers currently account for approximately 70 per cent of Wiedemanni’s projects. The increasing share of foreign customers in our customer base indicates that our translations meet their strict requirements.

Wiedemanni Translation Company is also Estonia’s leading translator into the languages of the Baltic countries (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian). You can order your translations into all three languages from us!

Our translators have the specialist knowledge and extensive translation experience necessary for translating annual statements and yearbooks, market reviews, descriptions and conditions of financial instruments, the descriptions and general conditions of various business services, budgets, real estate surveys and appraisal reports, quality standards for production and provision of services, presentations, documents relating to collaboration between the private and public sector, etc.

We can handle any deadline.

Collaboration between the customer and the translation company is especially important in the case of translations pertaining to very narrow specialities. We are always ready to work together with our customers to improve the quality of our translations.

Texts related to social issues

The Wiedemanni Translation Company has had the opportunity to participate in many interesting and challenging projects related to social issues, for example the translation of Estonian Human Development Reports (for the past four years) as well as a number of projects aimed at the development of civil society through career and in-service training, non-profit associations, collaboration between the private and public sector. We have also translated internal reviews of integration policy and language immersion programmes, press releases from around the world and many other types of texts.

Such texts have usually gone to print and we have had plenty of experience in thoroughly preparing them for the process.

When translating texts related to social issues, we usually work in close collaboration with the customers, i.e. the authors of the text in question, and provide them with a good overview of the course of the translation process, thus allowing them to express their satisfaction or correct some details in the translations as we go along.

The best translations result from the collaboration of the translation company and the customer.

We are also Estonia’s leading translator into the languages of the Baltic countries. Order your translations into Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian from just the one place – Wiedemanni Translation Company.

Medical texts

Wiedemanni has years of experience in the field of medical translations. We have a sufficient number of medically qualified translators and editors to ensure that medical texts are translated quickly and efficiently.

A thorough command of two languages is not enough for translators dealing with medical texts. They also need in-depth professional knowledge (academic degrees, in-service training, experience). Wiedemanni Translation Company’s professional translators and editors have both.

We translate and revise medical equipment manuals and marketing texts, records of medical histories, patient information, pharmaceutical information, patents, legislative acts, trademarks, etc. Our translators’ areas of expertise vary from human health services to veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Medical translations provided by Wiedemanni Translation Company are always conducted by translators with a medical background and proofread by project managers.

Terminological consistency is ensured by our use of translation software.

IT texts

We are happy to translate your hardware and software manuals, computer games, patents as well as any marketing texts or legal texts pertaining to the field. In the past, we have also translated national IT standards and regulations.

IT translations are always a challenge for translators because some of the technical terms used in the field either have no equivalents in Estonian or if they do, such equivalents tend to be unfamiliar to experts due to the frequent use of foreign loan words. IT professionals believe that attempts to Estonianize computer language are forced: if all of the terms were to be translated into Estonian, the number of people who would understand the resulting text without using a dictionary would be relatively small. On the other hand, the future of the Estonian language in general depends on the development of Estonian IT terminology. People working with language cannot give up and have to find sensible compromises.

In order to successfully translate IT texts, it is extremely important to collaborate with customers as they often have well-established preferences regarding the use of certain terms. It is also useful to create term banks and consistently use translation software throughout the translation process.

Our daily work is regulated according to the EN 15038:2006 European Quality Standard for Translation Services  and our company fulfils the requirements presented in the standard with regard to human resources, human resources management, the professional competence of translators and editors, technical resources, the quality management system, and project management.

Website translations

Have you given thought to the fact that your website is your:

  • reference?
  • receptionist?
  • sales representative?
  • technical and customer support provider?
  • open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?
  • Under no circumstances should its role be underestimated!

    90% of consumers do their research online and make decisions based on information they find on the internet. This means that every company should think about how to create a website that is good for their business.

    The Wiedemanni Translation Company knows that a website is successful if it has been professionally translated into the users’ native language and takes into account the cultural characteristics of the target country.

    Over the past 15 years, we have translated many websites for our customers, usually into several foreign languages at once. All of our translators translate into their native languages. The fluent and idiomatic translations provided by Wiedemanni will help you reach your customers.

    Contact us by calling +372 6 130 660 or sending an e-mail to .