We help to maintain and value the small local languages by making them equal to the large ones. We transform the incomprehensible into the understandable and thus help people, organisations and cultures to communicate. We are precise and adequate. We love what we do.

Wiedemanni has a core translation team of around 40 people, but the number of partners we work with each year (translators, editors, specialists, etc.) is over two hundred. As a result, we can offer you the best translations for many specialist areas and language combinations.

We also want to leave our mark on the translation landscape without leaving a large carbon footprint. Thus, we offer secure remote working solutions and prefer a paperless office.

Our efficient, competent, and attentive project managers Riin, Minna and Helen will always find you the most effective solution for your translation needs.

Riin Sumberg
Project Manager
Phone: (+372) 6 130 660

Minna Räty
Project Manager
Phone: (+372) 6 138 884

Liina Teder
Board member / CEO
Phone: (+372) 6 130 661 / (+372) 56 456 714

Maili Viilipus
Client Relationship Manager
Phone: (+372) 56 626 846

Helen Eller
Project Manager
Phone:  (+372) 6 160 662