As your strategic translation partner, we work with texts in the technical, legal, political, economic, marketing, advertising, public relations, and medical fields.

We translate over 12 million words every year, which makes us one of the largest translation companies in Estonia — press releases, product presentations, marketing texts, procurements, legal contracts, user manuals for machinery and equipment, patents, yearbooks, reports, presentations, and more.

Our clients include industry leaders and startups, as well as public-sector institutions in Estonia and abroad. A large number of our clients have been using our services for years— they value Wiedemanni’s accuracy, competence, reliability, and passion. Wiedemanni Translations handles every document with the utmost confidence, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons we remain the first choice translation agency for many law firms.

We are professional and flexible, quick and responsive. We value elegant and accurate language use, whatever the area. Words have great power, and we know that power should not be lost in translation!

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