The Wiedemanni Translation Company specialises in offering written translation services that meet the requirements of the European EN ISO 17100:2015 translations standard. We translate at least 100 language pairs every year. We have provided translations in more than 150 language combinations. Although our most common translation requests are from and into Estonian, English and German, we also receive regular translation requests for Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish. We have also translated into and from languages from further afield, such as Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and many more. In addition to the above, we are also the largest provider of Latvian and Lithuanian translations in Estonia.

Our competent and experienced translators can tackle even the most difficult terminological conundrums, our editors will tame the wildest commas, and our hardworking project managers will find the right solution for you in any situation.


Written translation
Includes translation by a professional translator, reviewed by a native speaker of the target language. Depending on the complexity and the specifics of the text, we also consult a specialist or terminologist if required. If the original text includes plans, drawings, or other images, we will use a layout that ensures the translation looks the same as the original text (see Translation Layout Design below) A project manager organises the work process and reviews the text once more before finalising the project. You can take our translations directly to the print shop! 

Text editing
We improve the texts you have written; an editor corrects any spelling and grammar errors, provides improved word choices, ensures accurate and uniform language use, and guarantees the integrity and style of the text. As a rule, our editors are language specialists and philologists who edit texts written in their native language. Your text is ready for publication! 

Certified or official translation

Notarised translation — notarisation is required for the translation of many official documents, such as university degrees, the articles of association of a company, mandates, business registry cards, and other related documents. The notarised certification of a translation guarantees its authenticity. Only translations of documents that are legally valid in the Republic of Estonia can be certified, if the original is available. A document issued in a foreign country must have an apostille or be legalised (if issued by the consular section of a state). Information about the requirements for an apostille or legalisation is available on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Notarised translations are only available from a foreign language into Estonian, and from a number of other foreign languages. Notarised translations from Estonian into other languages are not possible!

Sworn translation services — sworn translation is effectively the same as notarised translation, but unlike translations that must be certified by a notary, sworn translators can certify their own work. Please note that sworn translations are only done from Estonian or into Estonian. The Wiedemanni Translation Company collaborates with sworn translators working in a variety of languages. 

Before ordering the translation, you may want to check the following information with the institution that you are sending the translated documents to:

1. is the certification required on the copy or the original document, and if it is for the copy, is it for an ordinary copy, or a certified copy;
2. in which country can these documents be used;
3. whether the country in which you are submitting the documents requires them to be legalised or apostilled, or if this is unnecessary.

Translation layout design
We layout your translation exactly according to the original, meaning that we scan the layout elements and place them in the (translated) text. After translation, it is no longer possible to make linguistic changes to the text, meaning it is a finished job.

Website translation
The Wiedemanni Translation Company has years of experience in translating all sorts of online content for websites, we know how to overhaul your company’s calling card! To make sure that your website’s text reaches us in one piece, we recommend that you send the entire content of the website to us (preferably in .xlsx format), as copying it manually could cause something to go missing unintentionally.